I provide editing services for fiction, nonfiction, blogs, and a variety of business documents.


Light Copyediting: 

  • Correcting errors in spelling, grammar, word usage and punctuation.
  • Ensuring consistency in spelling, hyphenation, numerals and capitalization.

Note: A light copyedit does not include smoothing transitions or changing heads or text to ensure parallel structure. 

  Medium Copyediting:

  • Changing text and headings for parallel structure.
  • Ensuring the consistency in plot, setting and character traits.
  • Enforcing consistent style and tone.

Heavy Copyediting:

  • Rewriting problematic writing.
  • Smoothing transitions and moving sentences to improve readability.

Developmental Editing:

  • Focusing on overall structure and content.
  • Rewriting and restructuring the text.

Note: Developmental editing may also involve altering the content. 

  Permissions Editing:

  • Securing the rights to use part or all of a previously published work (text, artwork, music, etc.).


  • Checking and marking the text for any errors after editing is complete.
  • Ensuring that the changes have been made correctly.

Note: Some basic copyediting tasks may be combined.

Fact Checking: 

  • Verifying the accuracy of the content.

Note: No editorial changes are made.